Papanicolaou & Associates provides consulting services and technical expertise in electronic publishing, systems administration, classroom computer instruction, genetic analysis, molecular biology, and technical writing.
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runwashington -D.C. racing info.
racePacket -Online forms for races
Macintouch -The oldest and best Mac site
The Register -Industry News w/ Integrity
Slashdot -Alpha Geek Site, Very Linux
Civil Liberties & Privacy It's Greek to Me
ACLU -American Civil LIberties Union
ACRU -Right Wing Civil Liberties Org
Am. United for Seperation of Church & State
CAUCE -Anti SPAM Organization
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fortify Upgrade Netscape to 128-bit encrypt
Junkbusters -Cut Down on Junk Mail & Calls
People for the American Way
PGP (US & CAN) or PGPi -To Encrypt Emai
The Hellenic Page -Beware of Greeks Bearing GIFs(TM)
Greeks for Kerry-Greek Americans supporting Sen. John Kerry
Greeks for Bush-Greeks supporting President Bush
Molecular Bio & Genetics
ACGT -Analysis, Consulting, & Genetic Technologies
Molecular Biol. Search Engines
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New York Times (Registration Required)
Salon -News, , Culture, & Mind Candy
Washington Post
Electronic Publishing
Ilektron -Textual and Graphic Design
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Brunching Shuttlecocks -Humor
Roger Ebert -Movie Reviews
Gamera Godzilla Godzilla Toys Mothra
Internet Movie Database
The Onion -Humor
OpenSecrets -Follow the Campaign Money
Investing & Money Management
Login ameritrade e*trade dljdirect schwab
NIHFCU -NIH's Federal Credit Union Login
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Marketwatch -News and Stock Quotes
Fool -Investing Info. for Beginners
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